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Obscure Tech New Bird Deterrent


designed, manufactured and tested by "Off"-Sprey


How does Obscure Tech bird deterrent work?

1. Minimizes their flight path.
2. It takes away the ability to land to arrange the nest or even the ability to drop the limbs to start structuring their next.
3. Lower arms have 3M concealment film on it to reflective UV rays that bird can see.  Act just like reflective tape that are added to buildings.
4. The top arms flex and act as limbs on a real tree.  They will not support the weight of the large birds and they will eventually fly away.
5. Only ways 23 pounds, so very little weight added to the tower.
6. 12 feet in diameter but is easily adjustable to suit customers need.
7. Has held up to winds over 90 miles an hour.
8. Unit is made of PVC and stainless steel.
9. Mounting the unit is up to the customer preference.

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