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Our team will be at NATE Unite 2022 this year.  Our booth will be located at 446.  If you are planning on attending this year, please stop by our booth and meet our team.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year!

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Wireless carriers and engineering firms need a fast, easy, cost efficient solution for concealing rooftop, pole & wall mounted cell sites to small cells.

Obscure Tech utilizes the highest quality RF-transparent 3M concealment film available, from color and surface matching to the reflective concealment film.  Our products can mimic any surface and surroundings, in any location.  All installers are 3M certified on all products, which ensures the installation meets the product life expectancy.  In order to meet our customer’s needs, our teams have the capability to rapidly deploy anywhere, anytime.  From site development to site construction, we support our customers every step of the way.




The answer is YES!

Our products have been tested and approved by all wireless carriers and is one of the few products approved to be installed directly on equipment.  From RF and environmental to optical and mechanical, all required tests passed.  RF condition was tested from 500MHz thru 100GHz (mmW).  For more information, please ask us about the qualification test results.

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