Nokia AEWF - 3 color matching concealment film
Conceal Film 2.0 4

Reflective concealment film

Original 3M Conceal Film is no longer available and has been discontinued.

Please ask about the new film under development.

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About Our Film

Our technologies apply to all telecommunications RF infrastructures and eliminate expensive structures or faux facades.  Using a high-quality photo image or color matching concealment film, we can mimic any surface.  Our reflective concealment film can reflect any of its surroundings.  Unlike time-consuming paint jobs that will require maintenance and short life span, our films with it's protected surfaces holds up over time and against the most extreme environment.



  •  RF transparent
  •  5G approved
  •  Water Resistant
  •  UV protected
  •  Zero maintenance
  •  Tested from 500MHz to 100GHz

Spec Sheets & Qualification Test docs

Spec sheets and Qualification test reports are available upon request.  Please click here to request more information.