Our Vision

Beautify our skylines by removing visual pollution and making equipment fade into its surroundings with our cutting-edge non-conductive technology.

"A new era of concealment!"

The idea

Having worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, a team of friends had a vision of one-day working together on a project. In early 2017, we watched general contractors getting more creative in concealing RF equipment by painting antennas to improve the skyline and meet building preservation requirements.

While this is a great solution to provide customers with coverage and still meet building codes, we asked ourselves if there was a longer-lasting, more cost-effective way to have equipment just fade away into its surroundings?   Then it clicked! We can use high-quality, manufactured film on all RF equipment, without causing any signal loss.

While we are so excited to see our idea getting off the ground, we are also ready to help wireless carriers, A&E firms and landlords clean up the skyline across the country while providing better service to mobile users.

AHU up close

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