Obscure Tech will ship concealment film to any where, any time. This service is only available for our printed image film and full color matching film both including an UV protection.

Color Matching Concealment Film:

Using a paint manufacture color wheel, we can match to the color code that best fits your installation.  Our prints come with an overlaminate that protects the film from UV and provides a longer life span. We offer glossy, satin and matte film finishes to best fit your project.

Printed Image Concealment Film:

If a printed image film is requested, we require multiple high- resolution photos for test prints. If there's a brick pattern or other shapes in the photo, measurements are required. Test prints are then shipped to the customer for approval before final printing.

Requirements for request films:

  1. Color code and the manufacture of the color wheel.
  2. Multiple high-resolution photos, along with a tape measurement photo as shown in the example to the right.
  3. Pending the installation, we request film finish type (glossy, satin or matte).  *The most commonly used finish is matte.
  4. In order to print the exact size, we need the manufacturer and model number of the equipment being concealed so we can refer to the spec sheets for exact measurements.  If there is a specific size being requested, we will work from that as well.
  5. Timeframe on when the film is needed.
  6. Based on project requirements, we provide a quote for film, per square foot, along with labor hours for prepping the film and shipping costs.
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