Obscure Tech mobilized service can be customized, based on your needs.  Since this is our most common service, we can deploy our techs anywhere, any time, including site walks and meeting with all parties associated to the project.  Installation of the concealment film can be performed locally but must be in a controlled environment, such as a warehouse or staging area.  Mobilization fees vary depending on timing and location. By using our certified installers, we provide you with the best quality of installation and the longest life span.

Requirements for Mobilized Services:

  1. Prior to deployment, we will need the latest construction drawings and or radio frequency date sheets.  Manufacture spec sheets will work to if the equipment count is provided.  This will allow us to get the measurements.  We quote you based on square footage, labor, per diem cost, and installation material cost.  Pending on job size, we may require an upfront payment to cover the material cost.
  2. Location and timeframe.  Our techs will deploy to the arranged location to perform the install.  The team can work in any space but for best results it needs to be in a controlled environment like a staging area or warehouse.  We can perform our services on the job site as long as it meets our requirements. They will repackage the equipment if requested.
  3.  If using our Printed Image or Color matching film, the test prints have to approved before deploying.
1BL9468B - finished antenna 3_edited
DN03468E ant
CH17481C closeup