Obscure Tech ship, wrap, and ship service is available to customers that prefer to ship their equipment to our facility for installation.

Requirements for this service:

  1. The latest construction drawings and/or the radio frequency data sheets, manufacturer spec sheets and equipment counts.
  2. If using our Printed Image or Color Match concealment film, please follow the steps provided on our Print & Ship service so we can provide and gain approval of test prints or color codes.
  3. Time frame on when the equipment will be shipped.  *As long as we have all the required information for the installation, we can turn the equipment around pretty quickly and get it back to the you for installation.
  4. If the shipping location is different from where the equipment originates from, we will need the final destination and contact info.
WI0149 install 3
Crew Install photos
1BL9468B - finished antenna 3_edited